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F Series Non-Rotating NFPA Interchangeable Cylinder


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The F Series is a Non-Rotating NFPA Interchangeable pneumatic cylinder line that provides the solution to specific applications where piston rotation is not acceptable. Our innovative dual rod design provides precision positioning and linear movement. This makes the F Series ideal for a multitude of high-tech applications.


Standard Specifications:


  • Meets NFPA specifications

  • Bore sizes from 1-1/2 " through 4"

  • Piston rod diameters from 5/16" through 3/4"

  • Nominal pressure rating is 250 psi air

  • Standard temperature -10°F to 165° F(-23° C to 74° C)

  • All aluminum construction, except retaining plate and tooling plate (steel)

  • NPTF ports

  • Flexible port and cushion locations




  • The file hard (60RC) high strength aluminum alloy lobe tube provides a smooth, corrosion-free abrasion-resistant sealing surface. The lobe feature offers excellent performance in washdown applications. (Lobe tubing provided except in 3%" & 4" bores, which are tie rod cylinders.)

  • Head and cap are machined from (6061-T6) solid aluminum bar and anodized for corrosion resistance. A recess at the piston mating surface creates greater piston area exposed to air for a faster breakaway.

  • A removable close grain, graphite-filled, cast iron bushing offers the best bearing surface for the hard chrome plated piston rod. The extra long bushing offers excellent load bearing characteristics.

  • A unique rod seal/wiper combination has high abrasion resistance for extended seal life.

  • Hard chrome plated, turned ground and polished, high strength steel (100,000 psi minimum yield) piston rod provides maximum life of the bearing and seals.

  • The steel retaining plate has two functions, retaining the bushing and preventing rod rotation. Closely held tolerances on the plate and bushing allow a precise fit to prevent rotation. By removing the four countersunk screws that maintain exact alignment, the orientation of the piston rods and tooling plate can be rotated 90 degrees without cylinder disassembly.

  • The piston seal is a specially treated carboxilated nitrile designed for use in no lube added service. The construction prevents rolling and seals at all pressures.

  • The extra wide wear band is located at the furthest point from the rod bushing to support maximum loading.

  • The solid aluminum alloy piston is strong and lightweight.

  • The floating cushion design gives the fastest stroke reversal possible by providing instantaneous full flow to piston. Each cushion has a flush, retained adjustment needle.

  • The tube seals are compression type and reusable

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