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Numatics FlowtronicD

The Numatics FlowtronicD is a direct-operated 2-way proportional valve with a pressure sensor unit and digital control electronics. Valve control loop parameters can be optimized for the application using FlowCom software and a PC connection. This flow controller is designed for applications with continually varying flow requirements


FlowtronicD Specifications Include:

  • Fluids: Air or neutral gases

  • Flow Control Range: 0.4 - 71 SCFM (10 - 2,000 Nl/min) (ANR)

  • Port Sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 1 (NPT or GTap)

  • Minimum Pressure: 58 psi (4 bar)

  • Maximum Pressure: 116 psi (8 bar)

  • Temperature Range (Fluid): 32°F - 140°F (0°C - 60°C)

  • Temperature Range (Ambient): 32°F - 140°F (0°C - 60°C)


FlowtronicD Features Include: 

  • Digital communication and control

  • Application customization with FlowCom software

  • Easy change of control parameters

  • Controls flow despite external influences such as fluctuating inlet pressure

  • Direct-operated poppet valve

  • Response time: < 200 ms


Numatics FlowCom Software 

Connect to a PC and use Numatics FlowCom software to choose your own personalized settings to optimize control loop performance. Use the scope function to view command signal, output pressure and other control parameters while FlowtronicD is running in the application.

Numatics Flexiblok FRL
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