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Hydraulic Filters

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Cellulose Media

The original and most common media is made of natural fibers. These twisted fibers are larger and more irregular than synthetic fibers — creating more resistance to flow or pressure drop.

Synthetic Media

These man-made glass fibers are very uniform in size and shape — creating the least possible resistance to flow and providing improved efficiency to protect sensitive controls.

Par-Gel Media

A highly absorbent copolymer laminate with an affinity for water — allows hydraulic or lubrication fluid to pass freely but water is bonded to the media and forever removed from the system.

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Hydraulic Lube and Filtration Products - Full Catalog

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Low Pressure Filters

Spin-On Filters (12AT/50AT, 80AT/80UT Series)

Parker’s latest range of Spin-On filter technology provides users with reliable performance in a lightweight, compact and cost effective package.  These solutions provide protection to critical system components in a variety of low pressure applications.

Tank Top Filters (PT Series)

The PT series filter is available in two diameters and three lengths for flow ranges from 5-50 gpm.  This unique design simply threads into a ported weld ring or flange, which can be bolted to a metal reservoir.  The disposable filter cartridge is a single-piece construction, which incorporates the nylon cover and integral 25 psi bypass valve. The flow path is inside-out and requires no special tools for service.

Low Pressure Tank Top Return Line Filters (GLF Series)

The Parker GLF low pressure return line filter is engineered to deliver efficient contamination control and performance in today’s demanding hydraulic circuits. The Parker GLF is designed to maximize capacity and element life while maintaining low pressure drop, even in cold start conditions. The optional two port design provides the user installation flexibility and reduces installed cost. The inside-to-outside flow path confines contaminants during element service and minimizes contaminant exposure to the reservoir. The GLF offers pressure gauge and pressure switch ports for visual or electrical switch monitoring of the installed element.

Low Pressure Filters (ModuFlow™ Plus Series)

The ModuFlow™ filter is widely considered the most versatile filter available on the market. The end cap minimizes turbulence and pressure loss through the filter, improving system performance. The closed bottom elements for the ILP models ensures all contamination remains trapped within the element as the filter is serviced. A wide variety of visual and electrical indicators allows you to know exactly when the element needs to be serviced.

Medium Pressure Filters

Coreless Medium Pressure Filters (12CS/50CS Series & 15CN/40CN/80CN)

An alternative to the spin-on style canister, the design provides all of the benefits of high efficiency, long life Microglass filtration, with a reduced environmental impact. The 12CS and 50CS hydraulic filters are rated at 500 psi and up to 50 gpm, and the 15CN, 40CN and 80CN hydraulic filters are rated at 800 psi.  They feature a reusable bowl and filter element constructed of reinforced polymer or aluminum end caps, microglass media, and polymer pleat support. The element core is permanently attached as part of the filter bowl. When replaced, the element reduces costs, eliminates hot drain requirements, and can be easily disposed of.

Medium Pressure Filters (IL8 Series)

IL8 series filters are excellent choices for your demanding applications whether you require simplex, duplex or quadplex assemblies. Wherever high flow or high capacity filters are required, the IL8 series can be applied with confidence. The cover and base of the housing are anodized aluminum, the handle is nickel plated ductile iron and the bowl is rugged carbon steel. The result is a reliable high performance filter for an array of applications.

Medium Pressure Duplex Filters (MPD Series)

The MPD’s innovative modular design, rugged ductile iron construction and coreless element technology, combined with many other features, provide solutions across a broad range of industrial applications. Incorporating side chambers as simplex filters along with duplex installations provide common elements across the circuit design. Construction features like full ported transfer valve with neutral center flow capability offer tremendous benefit in cold start conditions. Also features pressure sensing taps, vents, drains and internal pressure equalization.

High Pressure Filters

High Pressure Filters (15P/30P Series)

Modern high pressure hydraulic systems are demanding, better controls and long component lives are expected. To deliver the high standards of performance, hydraulic components are built with tighter tolerances which increases their sensitivity to contamination. Parker high pressure filters filter out ingressed contamination before it jams a valve or scores a cylinder.  They also block pump generated debris before it gets to servo or proportional valves.  Available in simplex or duplex configurations.  Up to 3000 psi operating pressure.

High Pressure Filters (50P Series)

The 50P series filters are bowl-up, which provides several possible advantages.  The bowl-up mounting makes servicing the elements quick and easy, the top cover can simply be removed to access the element. A drain port is provided to allow oil to drain from the filter prior to element servicing which reduces the possibility of oil spillage. Optional manifold porting is available for space saving design that reduces the number of fittings and potential leak points. The porting is also designed to match the installation of many other manufacturers and meets the SAE HF4 automotive standard.  Available in simplex or duplex configurations.  Up to 5000 psi operating pressure.

World Pressure Filters

Parker engineers have developed what will soon be the industry standard in high pressure hydraulic filtration. The WPF series is rated at 7000 psi working pressure and incorporates many advanced features such as a high strength ductile iron filter head with integral indicator port and a steel bowl with standard drain port. A patented element end cap assembly that includes bypass and reverse flow valves while deformable tangs secure the element in the bowl. A coreless element assembly with a reusable element support core.

High Pressure Filters (100P Series)

The 100P Series is designed to meet the growing demand for high-pressure filters with a flow rate capacity of up to 265 gpm at 6000 psi working pressure. For systems where reverse flow can be expected, an optional integrated reverse flow valve avoids backwash of contamination. When changing the element, only the end cap of the bowl has to be removed. The filter is ideal for applications where space is at a premium. The filter media used in the elements is high quality Microglass III.

High Pressure Filters (12S Series)

Up to 10000 or 20000 psi operating pressures.  Designed for use in high pressure and aggressive environment applications.

Stainless Steel High Pressure Filters (40S Series)

The 40S Series is a high pressure filter constructed in all 316 stainless steel which makes it ideally suited for water and caustic applications or where harsh environmental conditions exist. Up to 3000 psi operating pressure and 150 gpm, depending on viscosity.

Portable Filtration & Fluid Analysis

Portable Fluid Conditioning Carts (5PFCC/10PFCC Series)

Parker portable filter carts are the ideal way to prefilter and transfer fluids into reservoirs or to clean up existing systems. Fluid should always be filtered before being put into use. New fluid is not necessarily clean fluid. Most new fluids are unfit for use due to high initial contamination levels. Contamination, both particulate and water, may be added to a new fluid during processing, mixing, handling and storage. The Parker portable filter cart uses two high capacity ModuFlow™ Plus filters for long element life and better system protection. The inlet filter captures larger particles, while the outlet filter captures finer particles or removes water.

Auxiliary Filtration Systems (AFS Series)

The AFS uses a high capacity ModuFlow™ Plus filter for long element life and optimum filtration. The single element package provides a high level of filtration performance in a compact size. Free water is controlled by utilizing Parker’s Par-Gel™ element. The optimized design and rugged steel construction allow service personnel access to critical hydraulic

systems through passageways as small as 12” x 16”.

Portable Filtration Systems (Guardian)

The Guardian portable filtration system is a unique pump/motor/filter combination designed for conditioning and transferring petroleum-based and water emulsion fluids. The Guardian circulates and decontaminates the fluid in your existing system. It is suitable for any system that is sensitive to the harmful effects of fluid contamination.

Portable Purification Systems (Sentinel)

Delivering big results in a compact, lightweight package, the Sentinel is the latest in fluid purification technology from Parker. The system guards over critical hydraulic and lubrication systems to effectively remove water, solids and gases while improving equipment health, productivity and reliability. The smallest in Parker’s family of oil purifiers, the Sentinel’s automatic operation minimizes energy consumption while extending the usable life of fluids. Equipped with Parker’s IQAN MD3 platform control system for advanced monitoring.

Portable Purification Systems (PVS 185/600/1200/1800/2700)

Contaminated oil is drawn into the Parker Portable Purification System by a vacuum where it passes through an in-line low watt density heater where the oil is heated to a temperature of 150° F. The oil then enters the distillation column where it is exposed to the vacuum through the use of special dispersal elements. This increases the exposed surface area of the oil and converts the liquid water to vapor, which is then drawn through the condenser by the vacuum pump. The water-free oil falls to the bottom of the column and is removed by a lube oil pump. This pump forces the dry oil through a final particulate removal filter. Clean oil passes out of the unit, back to the reservoir and into the system.

Submicronic Removal Fluid Purification Systems (SMR Series)

The SMR contains patented Balanced Charge Agglomeration (BCA™) technology, which maintains hydraulic and lubricating fluids in optimum condition while preventing/removing the build-up of sludge and varnish. The system is available in a PLC or simplified control version. BCA™ technology does not remove water, however with the removal of thousands of submicron particles, the majority of sites where water can readily attach are mitigated.

Fluid Analysis (Par-Test)

Fluid analysis has proven to be a critical tool for any preventive maintenance program. A comprehensive fluid analysis program can help prevent major hydraulic or lube oil system failures. Par-Test is a complete laboratory analysis performed on a small volume of fluid. Two types of services are offered through Par-Test, a water base fluid analysis kit or a petroleum base fluid analysis kit. For both types of services the Par-Test kit includes a pre-cleaned glass bottle, mailing container with pre-addressed label, and the sample information data sheet. Par-Test sampling procedures follow the National Fluid Power Association standard (NFPA T2.9.1-1972) and the American National Standards Institute Standard (ANSI B93.13-1972) for extracting samples from a fluid power system.

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