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Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

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Parker rotary actuators convert fluid power into rotary motion for a wide variety of industrial applications. Pressurized fluid is applied to a circular piston inside a cylinder which pushes a rack across the pinion gear. This action turns the shaft, generating rotary motion. This motion is transferred through the shaft to the machinery for applications such as upending, turning, roll-over, tilting, indexing, transferring, mixing, valve operating, tensioning and clamping.

The most efficient actuator type is the rack-and-pinion. The efficiency of this spur-gear actuator is very high, typically in the low-to-mid 90th percentile. This offers advantages for the overall hydraulics system size since the actuator displacements are minimized and the size of the required pump, motor, and reservoir can be minimized. Additionally, system inefficiency is important in applications with high-speed production cycles since the inefficiency produces rapid heating of the fluid. To control this, a heat-exchange system is required, adding cost and complexity to the application. Vane-type actuators have efficiencies at approximately 70%, and helical style actuators are only about 55% efficient.

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Hydraulic Rotary Actuators - Full Catalog

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HUB Series

The Hydraulic Unibody Series (HUB) actuator is designed to perform in the harshest environmental conditions. Built with a hard coat anodized housing and through hardened, high strength alloy steel pinion and racks, this product is ideal for numerous applications where weather can be a factor. The HUB Series is designed with several add-on valve modules for lower overall integration costs, as well as, an increase in product performance. Multiple feedback and visual indication options are also available.

LTR Series

The LTR Series provides superior performance in low pressure hydraulic applications found in packaging, material handling, machine tool and automated assembly industries. Sealed ball bearings and floating pistons ensure low breakaway pressure and smooth operation. PolyPak piston seals and wearbands eliminate leakage and cylinder scoring. Alloy steel racks and pinions provide the strength and resilience for minimum downtime. A broad offering of options provides unmatched flexibility in design and application. These include cushions, stroke adjusters, flow controls, and position sensors, as well as application matched shaft, mounting, porting and seal variations.

HTR Series

The HTR Series is designed for medium duty service found in machine tool, transfer line, material handling and other critical applications. Through hardened alloy steel pinion and racks, supported by large capacity tapered roller bearings in a ductile iron housing, ensure long life, even with externally applied radial and thrust loads. The heavy duty Wear-Pak pistons are equipped with self-energizing deep PolyPak piston seals and a rugged wear band for long life operation. Standard NFPA cylinder construction allows for a wide variety of rotation options, complementing the broad offering of shaft and mounting styles.

M Series

Designed to meet steel mill specifications, these non tie-rod rotary actuators incorporate a range of exclusive features designed to provide durability and dependability in the most arduous operating environment. Wear band pistons on both ends and bronze bearings under the center of the alloy steel rack provide critical support while helping to prevent scoring or galling of the cylinder tubes. Large diameter tapered roller bearings support the pinion, allowing the unit to absorb high external loads. PolyPak seals provide long life operation and, for ease of maintenance, can be changed without removing the actuator from the installation.

Tork-Mor Series

Tork-Mor Series actuators are produced in eight sizes generating up to 142,000 in-lb of torque at rated pressure. Capable of providing full torque instantly in either direction, they operate at pressures up to 1000 psi. The Tork-Mor Series can be mounted in any axis using a wide variety of standard or optional mountings. Proven reliable through many years of field service, the Tork-Mor Series incorporates many quality features including precision ball bearings to provide shaft support, externally removable gland for ease of seal replacement and cylinders honed to a 10 micro inch finish to ensure long seal life.

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