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M Series Round Line Cylinder

Numatics, round cyclinders, ontario, GTA, macromotion, canada
Numatics, delrin, round cyclinders, ontario, GTA, macromotion, canada

M Series Download

M Series Delrin Download

The M Series is a stainless steel body air cylinder line that is the perfect solution for tight design budgets. This cylinder is reliable and is designed and built to maximize performance. It will exceed all of your light-duty cylinder application requirements. The M Series comes standard with a multitude of value-added features such as stainless steel piston rods, roll-formed threads at both ends of the piston rod, and pre-lubed for non-lube added service. Furthermore, Numatics Actuator Group has the design capabilities to customize a product for your specific application. These are just a sample of things tthat make the M Series the Superior Interchangeable round body air cylinder line.


Standard Specifications:


  • 303 stainless steel piston rods standard

  • 304 stainless steel cylinder tube

  • Aluminum head and caps

  • Nominal pressure rating is 250 PSIG

  • Twelve bore sizes - 5/16" - 3"

  • Standard temperature -10°F to 165° F(-23° C to 74° C)

  • Single and double acting

  • Double rods




  • Type 303 stainless steel rod with roll-formed threads (both ends) insures corrosion resistance and a durable customer-end connection.

  • The wear resistance and antifriction qualities of the oil impregnated sintered bronze make for an excellent guide bushing.

  • Head and cap are machined from aluminum alloy. Unrestricted ports in conjunction with rectangular slots at the piston mating surface allow the air to work on a larger effective piston area for a smooth breakaway even at low pressures.

  • Cylinder body is attached to the head and cap using unique innovative assembly equipment that insures a consistent and reliable double rolled-in joint.

  • Drawn and polished type. 304 stainless steel cylinder body provides an excellent sealing surface for extended seal life.

  • The roll-formed threads on both mating parts of the piston/rod assembly are sealed with Loctite Threadlocker®, torqued, and then staked for a strong leak-proof connection.

  • Pressure energized lip-style piston and rod seals are wear compensating and prelubricated for millions of trouble free cycles.

  • Magnetic band for position indication is optional on bore sizes 3/4"-2" and does not affect overall length.

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