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NR Series Rodless Cylinder 

Numatics NR Series Rodless Cylinder, burlington, ontario, canada, numatics, macromotion


The NR Series rodless offers an alternative solution to conventional cylinder applications. It's compact design cuts space requirement by 50% compared to rodded cylinders. Additionally, the extruded tube construction requires fewer supports than other cylinders. Dual air supply at one end eliminates tubing going to the opposite end of the cylinder. This design prevents interference with the operation of the cylinder.


Standard Specifications:

  • Anodized single barrel extrusions

  • Various bore sizes, 25, 32, 40, and 50mm

  • G or NPT ports available

  • Retained cushion adjustments

  • Kevlar reinforced thermosplastics strip seals

  • Up to 10bar (145 psig) working pressure

  • Ambient temperature range from -20ºC to + 80ºC (–4ºF to +175ºF)

  • Uses filtered air with or without lubrication

  • Standard stroke lengths up to 6 meters (19.5')

  • Operating Speeds up to 3 m/sec (9.75ft./sec)


Applications Include:

  • Material Handling - Parts handling with an overhead gantry

  • Manufacturing and process - Tool and parts carrier/automotive

  • Packaging - Corrugated box erector - Plastic heat seal equipment

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