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Numatics ControlD

Numatics, proportional flow valve, ontario, GTA, macromotion, canada

The Numatics ControlD is a stand-alone control device used for open-loop, closed-loop or dual-loop (cascaded) process control. It is designed to control proportional valves by regulating the current to the valve’s solenoid coil. Control loop parameters can be customized for an application using DigiCom software (included).


ControlD Specifications Include:

  • (UN) 24 V DC ± 10 %, max. ripple 10%; or 12 V DC +15% -5%, max. ripple 10

  • Max. current of proportional solenoid valve: 2A

  • Adjustable frequency, 20 – 2,000 Hz

  • Temperature Range (Ambient): -4°F - 122°F (-20°C - 50°C)


ControlD Features Include:

  • Digital communication and control

  • Application customization with DigiCom software

  • Easy change of control parameters

  • AUTO-ADAPT function for determining max. coil current

  • Suitable for the control of flow, pressure, temperature, force, etc.

  • Integrated display and LEDs


Numatics DigiCom Software 

Connect to a PC and use Numatics DigiCom software to choose your own personalized settings to optimize control loop performance. Use the scope function to view command signal, output pressure and other control parameters while ControlD is running in the application.


Numatics Flexiblok FRL
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