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Numatics Reciprocator Series

Numatics Reciprocator Series, burlington, ontario, canada, numatics



The Reciprocator is a "self" reciprocating, air-operated cylinder that provides power for any equipment that requires a sustained, cyclic motion. It requires no electricity, has no switches to burn out, and needs no extra plumbing. Just connect it to an air supply and the piston goes back and forth. Its simple design is economical, easy to install, and extremely reliable. Since the Reciprocator does not require electricity, there is no chance of spark generation, making it ideal for hazardous environment use. In addition, it is designed to be field repairable with replacement parts readily available, so maintenance costs can be substantially reduced.



  • Single and double rod versions available

  • L1 or L2 valve version

  • Glide ring piston seal for smooth operation

  • 1 1/2" through 5" bore sizes

  • Most NFPA mounts ( except P1, P3, T1, and T2 ) available

  • Profile tubing available in 1 1/2" through 2 1/2" bore sizes

  • Extensive range of cylinder sizes, attachment options, and connecting rod ends to permit adaptation of the Reciprocator to a wide variety of equipment

  • Perfect for shaker applications, i.e., moving / separating parts

  • The Reciprocator always travels full stroke without the use of air timers or pressure switches

  • Provides an easy and cost effective way to remove material from under dies

  • Pressure rating : 250 psig air.

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