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Nu Lock Series

Numatics Nu Lock Series Cylinder, burlington, ontario, canada, numatics



The Nu Lock Series is a comprehensive rod lock product line that is designed with safety in mind. The cutting edge design allows for effortless load holding during Emergency Stop (E- Stop) conditions. Additionally, it is an OEM type rod locking unit that is specifically designed to give our customers an economical alternative. It is also designed to mechanically lock a cylinder piston rod in the event of an air supply failure


The Numatics NU Lock Series can be used with our NFPA Interchange cylinder line (A Series) as well as with our ISO 15552 line.


Numatics Nu Lock Series Features Include:

  • Bore Sizes 1-1/2" to 5", 32mm-125mm

  • Economical OEM type rod lock

  • Compact Profile

  • NFPA sizes: 1-1/2" - 5" bores

  • VDMA sizes: 32 mm to 125 mm bore

  • Clamping force on all Nu Lock Series unit is equal to the area of the cylinder piston at 145 psi (10 Bar)

  • Minimum unlocking air pressure is 45 psi (3 Bar)

  • All standard NFPA and ISO/VDMA mounting accessories can be used with the Nu Lock Series installed on the cylinder

  • Temperature rating: -10° F to 165° F

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