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NUMATICS Replacement Filter Elements

Numatics, disposable filters, frls, ontario, distributor, GTA, macromotion, canada

Numatics replacement filter elements include form, fit and function particulate, coalescing and adsorbing elements for many of the leading filter manufacturers.


Numatics pleated particulate media offers increased surface area thereby extending service life.


Our unique coalescing borosilicate glass vacuum forming process provides a tortuous path of varying density. This allows particles to be trapped through the entire element cross section thereby lowering pressure drop while maximizing capacity.


Adsorbing grade elements are made from non-woven impregnated activated carbon media.


Numatics crosses elements for fifty five major compressed air filter brands including: Airtek, Balston, Deltech, Finite, Hankison, Norgren, Pall/PPC, Pneumatech, Wilkerson and Zander.


Numatics Flexiblok FRL

Replacement Filter Elements - OEM Element Conversions Standard Products Include:

  • Urethane, Silicone or Metal End Caps

  • Unretained elements (Glass Tube only)

  • Retained Elements – Plastic or Metal Retainers (Inner and Outer Support Cores)


Replacement Filter Elements - OEM Element Conversions Options & Features Include:

  • 1.0, 0.5, 0.3, 0.01 Micron Coalescing Grades

  • Color coded netting Identifies Micron rating

  • PTFE Coating for High temperature applications

  • Polyester Drain Layer

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